Veg-DC Patriot Acts Q&A

Still busy... working on "Q&A" post... Appreciate the many e-mails of support, and the amazing blog traffic. Sorry I've been so busy (still haven't read Veg-DC posts in weeks). Here's the compromise I suggested to the List Owners weeks ago before it all hit the fan.

It's truly a pity that, once again, the elder List Owner blew things out of proportion, got on her soapbox, and accused me of blackmail, not caring about what was best for the group. I've read correspondence she's sent to others and cannot believe the amazing distortions and exaggerations. It's just so sad.

Weeks later, the anonymous phone call messages are still coming in, the flurry of e-mails to people citing my webwork... gawd... it's just weird beyond belief... More later... some people just have to get a life.